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    Vitamins and dietary supplements for the heart.

    Vitamins and dietary supplements for the heart.

    If our age has stepped over half a century, system failures are increasingly beginning to remind of themselves. The first system susceptible to age-related attack is cardiovascular, because every day our heart is under heavy stress, pumping more than 6 liters of blood.

    After 40, atherosclerotic changes in the vessels progress, leading to a loss of their elasticity. Endothelial dysfunction increases, changes occur in the capillary network, increasing their permeability. An increase in peripheral vascular resistance leads to the development of high blood pressure. With age, there is also a change in myocardial contractility.

    This is due to a decrease in the number of cardiomyocytes and their replacement with connective tissue..

    Today I will tell you what vitamins for the heart and blood vessels you need to take. I have also prepared for you a list of important components of nutritional support, which will not only prevent the development of changes in the cardiovascular system, but also support the work of the heart in old age to prolong active longevity..

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